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About Optical-Pro
Fashionable Frames 
Brilliant designs! Our fantastic frames are now topping the bestseller list at high street optician.

Quality Lenses

We use lenses that of high quality, light/thin and multicoated. Any great-looking pair of glasses now
will look even better. You'll feel more comfortable as well. 

We also offer the world famous brands at low price, e.g. HOYA, ESSILOR, SOLAR etc.

Unbeatable Price

Why so cheap? Frames and lenses all come directly from the manufacturers. This makes our
unbelievable prices possible.

Under our fixed price policy, all price, terms and conditions of sales are clearly stated to protect our
customers' interest.

Optical-pro.com offers an easy way to buy prescription eyeglasses online. We offer huge discounts
on designer quality frames and prescription lens. Our highly qualified lab technicians have
experiences in handling the most challenging lens fabrication.
We offer a full line of prescription lens
with the following features for FREE:

• Anti-Reflective coating
• Anti-Glare coating
• UV200/400 protection coating
• Scratch resistance coating

To see how our customers comment on us, please visit our ebay store at http://stores.ebay.com/CJ-Optical-Pro.